Our ΑΓΩ Team

Our project is driven by our core team, which consists of young people, graduates and graduating from top greek universities. Given their background, each member may focus on the development of the system or the research required in the medical field. Some of us are responsible for the leading of the team and the overall progress of the projects, as well as the business operations. All of us have been part of innovative projects before and have volunteered for a vast variety of causes, acquiring soft and hard skills and giving back to society. Also, we are active members of the startup and entrepreneurial scene, having and participating in startups  in the past.

Founding Team

Jacob Kritikos
Project Manager
Jacob has graduate school of Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National & Technical University of Athens with a 8.3/10 degree and from 2016 he is conducting research on the medical field of the brain under the supervision of professor Dimitris Koutsouris, of the NTUA Biomedicine Lab.
Stavroula Poulopoulou
Virtual Reality Animator
Stavroula has graduate Digital Systems from University of Piraeus, Greece, specializing in e-Learning. Involved in web/graphic design, 3D-modeling, animation, editing.  Video editor and animator in TEDx University of Piraeus 2017, graphic designer for JourneyPost app and RosettaSoft web services..
Chara Zoitaki
Business & Operations Manager
Chara is a fourth year Electrical and Computer Engineering student at the National & Technical University of Athens.  She was the Head Organizer of UNIque Days 2017 of the NTUA. Also, she was coordinator at Job Fair Athens 2018, by EESTEC L.C. Athens.
MD Manolakou Danae
Cognitive Scientist
 Danie has graduate with honour from the Medical school from University of Athens. She practiced basic research techniques at Demokritos Research Centre in Athens. Also she worked on a project in the department of Physiology and Biophysics at Virginia Commonwealth University.
Our Advisors
Prof Dimitris Koutsouris
Tech Advisor
Professor and Director of NTUA Biomedicine Laboratory
Prof George Alevizopoulos MD
Med Advisor
Professor and Director of Psychiatry, Oncology Hospital of Kifissia
Prof Nicolas Smyrnis MD
Med Advisor
Professor and Director of of Sensorimotor Control Laboratory EPIPSI
Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis
Scientific Mentor
PhD from MIT & Founder and Director of Interactive Robots and Media Lab
George Eleftheriou
Business Operation Mentor
Bob Zailckas
Founding Mentor
Co-Founder - President New England Innovation Group